Installation by Mia Fryk + Spacegirls
Texts by Geraldine Barton and Magdalena Rozenberg
11.08.17 - 15.09.17

CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES brings together work from Spacegirls and Mia Frykholm to consider how the spaces around us determine the ways that we relate to one another. The show is a collaborative effort that combines concrete sculptures and object forms that are drawn from the familiar built environment. Scale is minimized but the material used throughout the installation remains the same, concrete forms are reconfigured to explore the physical effects of the city, bringing these experiences down to the level of intimacy and interaction. The grid of the city determines how we interact with one another and it is these in-between spaces, formed beyond the exterior of the building, that the installation focuses on. Concrete Conspiracies explores architecture as a conspiracy, as a ‘secret plan’ that physically guides social actions and interactions.

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